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Personal Training is for everybody. It is a tool that you can use to help you attain the results and the body that you wish to see.

Your goal may be weight loss or weight gain, increasing your fitness levels, decreasing your stress levels, correcting your
posture, rehabilitating an injury or increasing your health and vitality. You may have a specific goal in mind; to complete that
marathon or to train for a specific sporting event.

Ultimately we aim for you to…..

• Reach your potential in terms of health and fitness
• Look, feel and perform better than before
• Generate the physical adaptations that you are looking to achieve
• Be mentally fit for the challenges that you are setting yourself


We would meet and discuss your current health and activity levels and outline what it is that you would like to achieve from your training.
Following on from there we can then discuss and define goals, both short and long term, to help you reach your objectives.

We want to make your training relevant to you; Our initial session would start with a posture analysis to ascertain if you have muscle imbalances that may be affecting your movement and posture. Depending on the desired outcome of your training we can perform a selection of tests and measurements that will act as a benchmark to gauge where you are starting from and to allow us to monitor your progression.
Initial measurements may include weight, measurements, BMI, Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate, postnatal abdominal check, lung function. Cardiovascular and Strength testing can be incorporated into the main sessions.

I will liase with any other healthcare professionals whom you may be working with;
physiotherapists, osteopaths etc to provide the most informed approach to your training, we can then design an individualised workout structured to meet your needs.

We also ensure that you have all that you need to commence your subsequent workouts in safety and comfort;
• Do you Supinate, Pronate, or have you a neutral footstrike? Are you in the correct footwear?
• Will you train with a Heart Rate Monitor?
• Are you aware of the importance of eating correctly before and after your workout and the need to be well hydrated?

Your session can be 60 or 90 minutes long. In a typical session you will incorporate a warm up, a main section of cardiovascular and/or resistance work and/or core work, and a cool down and assisted stretch. We aim to motivate you both during and between your sessions.
Each session will be designed to challenge you so that you benefit from structured, progressive development.

Nutrition is key in how your body performs. It is an important aspect in the effectiveness of your training sessions, your
recovery after training and a component in the outcome of your sessions collectively in relation to reaching your short and
long term goals. We often ask clients to complete a ‘food diary’ for a week to give a broad analysis of typical nutritional habits.
We can then make recommendations and offer dietary advice.

WHEN: Personal Training is available 6 days a week, from early in the morning through to late evening.
WHERE: West London, Surrey and Middlesex
You may wish to train with a friend or colleague to help motivate you and training is available 1:1 or in small groups

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