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The practice of massage has proven benefits both physically and psychologically.
Massage to the soft tissues of the body; muscles, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments can relieve pain, facilitate movement and promote relaxation. There is a healing instinct, innate in us all, to touch to alleviate pain; Recall rubbing an aching back or farrowed brow, or cuddling an upset child to comfort them. Charlotte applies a background in Swedish massage to an understanding of the bodies’ movement in multiple planes and delivers a massage that will restore your body physically and mentally. Her natural empathy, combined with her knowledge of the body and her personal belief in the benefits that massage can deliver ensure that your treatment will be the perfect antidote that your body needs and deserves.

Physically massage can improve skin condition, muscle tone and muscle performance. It can boost your immunity, improve circulation and lower blood pressure. It can also facilitate in post exercise recovery, the healing of injury and allow us to manage pain. Massage stimulates blood flow and helps provide oxygen and nutrients that the tissues need for recovery and building of new muscle tissue. For that reason massage can assist the body immensely during its remodeling phase following exercise; promoting regeneration and reducing inflammation. Massage also stimulates the flow of lymph that rids the tissues of the waste products that accumulate when exercising thus massage can reduce recovery time between workouts. These exercise by- products (lactic acid and carbonic acid amongst others) contribute directly to post workout muscle soreness and their accelerated elimination therefore reduces this too.

On a psychological level massage is a natural therapy that can relieve tension and stress. Touch is a natural response to pain, both physical and mental, and can be extremely soothing. It promotes relaxation through stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system (the heart and breathing rate slow down and the muscles relax), facilitates deeper breathing and can improve sleep patterns.

       "You may be looking to switch off from the world and give yourself an hour of ‘you-time’. You may be training seriously and view massage as an integral part of that; relieving muscle fatigue, soreness and stiffness by applying soft tissue mobilisation to restore restricted tissues to their normal tension and length and promoting healing by boosting circulation and eliminating toxins. Either way, I have felt the same way and understand why you want that massage" says Charlotte.

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