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BodyWise Exercise offers a complete 1:1 Pre and Postnatal Fitness Training Service.
During pregnancy and the postnatal period your body changes on many levels and your physical and emotional needs will vary
accordingly; thus exercise throughout this period becomes a specialised area.
We can offer advice and guidance on exercising safely throughout your pregnancy to both women who workout
regularly and to those women previously unaccustomed to exercise.

Charlotte qualified as an Antenatal/postnatal instructor in 2001 and has since then worked with many mums and mums-to-be.
We apply an integrated approach using theoretical knowledge of ante/postnatal exercise, practical experience of working with
pregnant and postnatal ladies and liaison with GP’s, Midwifes and Professional Bodies such as ACOG (American College of
Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) for the latest guidelines and research.

The Do’s and Don’ts of exercise in pregnancy
For most women exercise in pregnancy is recognised to be safe and beneficial.
We find the most appropriate forms of exercise for you.
• During the
first trimester you would introduce Pelvic Floor exercises. We would adapt your abdominal work and if necessary modify the intensity of your workouts reflecting maintenance rather than progression.
• Into the
second and third trimester your changing shape dictates certain changes within your workout. We consider your ever changing centre of gravity, counter your postural changes and accommodate your hormonal practical terms this means we encourage certain exercises but advise against others, we adapt the positions you work in, we reduce the intensity of your workout and limit the way you stretch.

ing safely with Charlotte’s guidance. She gave me co

The benefits of moderate controlled exercise during pregnancy are vast and can include
• Reduction in pregnancy symptoms; constipation, leg cramps, varicose veins, back ache, impaired posture.
• Enhanced circulation and sleep patterns.
• Possible control of excess weight gain, and a faster postnatal recovery.
• A beneficial effect on the course and outcome of labour and the mother’s ability to cope during labour, childbirth and the postnatal recovery.

Charlotte has recently studied Pre/Postnatal Pilates with the Australian
Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute. The benefits of Pilates during and following
pregnancy are vast: these include strengthened core muscles, postural realignment, reduction in back pain and stronger pelvic floor muscles.
Incorporating conventional fitness training with Pilates and adapting both within
recognised pre/postnatal guidelines delivers a holistic approach to wellbeing and fitness.
It is our belief that this our integrated approach allows you to remain fit
and healthy from the inside out throughout your pregnancy and to regain your pre natal figure and vitality as a new mum.

Click here to contact us if you have any questions regarding exercise during or
after pregnancy

I had trained with Charlotte prior to my pregnancy, in fact she trained me in the run up to my wedding when the goal was to fit in to my dress! But I was delighted that when I was expecting my first child I felt I could continue exercise with confidence at a time when my body was changing, a reassurance that I valued beyond measure, and she enabled me to see that I could continue to exercise throughout the pregnancy. I have trained with Charlotte for several years now, and am currently more than half way through my second pregnancy. I look forward to our sessions and am counting on Charlotte to get me back into my jeans again when baby number two arrives!

                                        Sarah, Barnes

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